Welcome To Linc, Inc.

Linc. Inc. is a small company that offers effective marketing strategies for your business focusing on Advertising Opportunities, Website Design, Social Media Management,  and SEO. Through easily managed websites, we offer you an all encompassing way to market and promote your business. Linc. Inc always provides professional and affordable services for all your marketing needs.

As the owner of a small business, your responsibility is to your customers and your employees. Madison Avenue advertising isn’t in the cards, nor should anyone expect that of you. But getting your message out there for your people is important, and Linc, Inc. makes that mission a reality. Helping small businesses thrive and show their local pride for more than 25 years is an achievement that Linc, Inc., values.

Working with small businesses is our niche and we have helped propel “ma and pop shops” into the limelight they deserve; recognizing them as the mortar of small town America.

Our Crazy Skills

Web Design 90
Social Media Development 95
WordPress 75
Print Advertising 99

Who Is Linc. Inc.

To provide small business the same marketing and website design opportunities that large businesses have at an affordable price.
Small business owners have to manage all aspects of their business and don’t have time to concentrate on putting together an effective marketing strategy. We can provide those services without breaking the bank.
To help you develop an effective web presence that results in more traffic and more customers.
We can work with you to design a comprehensive media strategy that works.

Our Happy Clients