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Potential customers are looking at your site on a mobile device. What are they seeing? If you don’t have a mobile website, you might be missing opportunities to connect with your audience. Or worse, you might be pushing people away.

A good mobile website is much more than just a miniature version of your current site. We design sites that are tailored for access on smartphones and tablets. By carefully considering the user experience for people on-the-go and the technology that is available in today’s smartphones and tablets, we craft mobile websites that help you connect with your audience.


People are not only accessing your site with new and different devices, but they are coming with a different mindset. Gone are the days when you could expect every visitor to reach your website from a desktop or laptop computer. Phones, tablets, and other web-ready devices have different features and limitations. Some of the most amazing websites that you look at on your computer might not even display on some mobile devices. Others will be so difficult to use that visitors will give up in frustration.

Without a mobile strategy you can only hope that your visitors are able to receive your message. Let us help you develop a mobile strategy that your customers and clients will appreciate.


It’s obvious that mobile phones and desktop computers are different, but how to maximize on those differences is a bit more elusive. Designing for mobile is not simply shrinking your existing website.

  • The screen is much smaller so long horizontal menus don’t work.
  • Links and buttons must be large enough for a user to press with his finger without accidentally clicking on something else.
  • A design that seems clean on a large monitor can easily become cluttered on a small mobile phone screen.

These are just a few considerations when designing for mobile.


Mobile devices often have features that aren’t available on desktop computers such as built-in GPS. They also have limitations like intermittent connectivity and lower download speeds. Its import to consider these differences to meet your business goals and give your customers the experience they expect.

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